Albert Poghosyan

Entrepreneur, trainer, husband, community guy. Good taste in airplanes and takeoffs.

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Personal achievements tracking for 40 years

I am 40 years old now.
What does it mean in the sense of my life priorities? To me, it means a lot. I have changed so many times, so now I don’t even remember how many transformations I have gone through. Was it always good to change, one can argue. But definitely, it was, and it is a crazy journey.

Here is the brief history of Albert Poghosyan’s life:
7 years of lovely childhood (USSR memories) + 10 years of school madness + 4 years of boring bachelor + 2 years of crazy army service + 3 years of first jobs and some career advancement + 1 year of doing my master in UK + 3 years of teaching Project Management in Armenia (2500 students, 200 companies) + 1-year long illness + 1 year of first startup focus/failure + 2 years of second & third startups failure + Married + 3 years in Germany + 1 year in China + Moved to the USA since 2015 + Started VR/AR startup (served 500 top brands...

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The meaning, some may think…

Some may think that it is end of the life when you are 34 and you have done nothing valuable so far. I personally would think so just 10 years ago, when I was about big money and happy life. This is trilling journey to chase the “American/European/you name it” dream. Getting into contract, relations, friendship and then getting worry, anger, doubts, fight, tired, sick and then no emotion or what ever feelings. Life is not really changing much when you produce useless spam. Just business.

Some may think that it is fascinating to collect things/people/networks/media/life into folios, as may somebody collect shells. They may feel satisfied not with quality but with numbers or coverage. They may be enjoying the life while they have what they have created and registered on shit of paper. Listed on some very important document (government’s monopoly). Collected in gold, silver whatever metal...

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Dreaming Big: 3rd World Entrepreneur

There is always nice quote how hard to be entrepreneur in life and how much you need to work to get somewhere. But sometimes when you look at it from view point of someone from Small 3rd world country, it is almost impossible.

Of course there is nothing impossible in the world, but let me explain…


Imagine you are living in a country with 150 million population. And one bright day, you are quitting your day time job to start producing The Product of your dream. You are 33 years old, master in your field and at least 12 year’s experience in your job. There is nothing to think. This is your chance. You may be not going to sale for all of 150 millions at once, but if you start from 15 hundreds, this will be enough to keep 2-3 people team working full time for 1-2 years.

Now imagine yourself coming from small city in ex-soviet country. You have all same years but working for small...

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