Dreaming Big: 3rd World Entrepreneur

There is always nice quote how hard to be entrepreneur in life and how much you need to work to get somewhere. But sometimes when you look at it from view point of someone from Small 3rd world country, it is almost impossible.

Of course there is nothing impossible in the world, but let me explain…


Imagine you are living in a country with 150 million population. And one bright day, you are quitting your day time job to start producing The Product of your dream. You are 33 years old, master in your field and at least 12 year’s experience in your job. There is nothing to think. This is your chance. You may be not going to sale for all of 150 millions at once, but if you start from 15 hundreds, this will be enough to keep 2-3 people team working full time for 1-2 years.

Now imagine yourself coming from small city in ex-soviet country. You have all same years but working for small companies, having same experience and even same education. Now you want to quite your job to start making something new that you can. What will be feelings?


But really, what still makes me believe? It might sound strange, but all limitations can lead to much more opportunities. One of my friends told me that because we are such small country landlocked somewhere far from civilization, we just have to think global. Here is what makes me continue to work:

What is in really for my life? Is it something that I am dreaming to have, or I am already part of it (only maybe small part)? It is important if I have achieved success already, or it is much important that I could create the environment where I can be myself and what I was always doing. As of it, success it only destination and is it much matter if I have arrived? Or I simply can enjoy every second of my journey? In fact I can come to conclusion, if it would be so much easy as it is for my friends from Europe and States, I would be totally different orients and would never had bigger dreams. On the other hand, as it is so hard that I have to achieve my first success story on my own (with out any single help), so I thankful for this challenge, as it keeps me dreaming Big!


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