The meaning, some may think…

Some may think that it is end of the life when you are 34 and you have done nothing valuable so far. I personally would think so just 10 years ago, when I was about big money and happy life. This is trilling journey to chase the “American/European/you name it” dream. Getting into contract, relations, friendship and then getting worry, anger, doubts, fight, tired, sick and then no emotion or what ever feelings. Life is not really changing much when you produce useless spam. Just business.

Some may think that it is fascinating to collect things/people/networks/media/life into folios, as may somebody collect shells. They may feel satisfied not with quality but with numbers or coverage. They may be enjoying the life while they have what they have created and registered on shit of paper. Listed on some very important document (government’s monopoly). Collected in gold, silver whatever metal albums. Doesn’t matter what has been changed or improved, all what is matter is satisfaction. Total satisfaction of what ever produced, accounted, registered, listed and presented in coverage, sorted, unsorted and especially randomly presented on corporate/personal websites.

Some may think destroying what you have created is terrifying. Useless endeavor to bring down your actives/collection/folios. In fact some may not even think but some will even fight back to anyone including themselves willing to bring it down. This is call survival instinct. It may be for so, before once they will enjoy self-destruction. Once they will feel the joy of destroying force. Once they will crush/destroy/remove/delete what they have created.

Some may think that ideas are worth nothing. It might be. In most of cases execution even more important than vision/tactics/strategy. Less important that people around, society or even the universe. But there is one single type of idea that can change everything in a second. One type of idea that heavier than black hole but smaller than nano particle. That idea is striking like a laser with burning all on the way. And as the photos of that burning laser it should have the scale to take it to the closest galaxy. This is the only type of idea we need to be after.

We might spent whole life looking for that idea, but only size of that idea is really matter. Only scale is rally matter. Nothing more.

So now stop right there. Stop all your thoughts and feelings. Stop operating with such concepts like life, ambitions and achievements. Just simply admit, what is THE IDEA of SCALE that you have.

IF you have, it might be called the meaning of your life.


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